3 Steps To Maintain Your VGR- Grooming Gadget.

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In today's hectic lifestyle, it's completely natural to not have any time to meet our grooming needs. Thus, we always end up making compromises. What if you could achieve the ideal trim at home? What you need is only the best-personalized trimmer? Is all that you need is an accurate and precise trim?
LooMantha presents you with all the steps you need to know for the maintenance of your Grooming Gadgets.
What's the Best Way to Keep the Trimmer or Clipper in a Good Working Order?
Below are the steps on how to maintain the Trimmer or Clipper for optimum performance and durability:
Step-1 Clean With a Cleaning Brush
Every VGR Trimmer or Clipper that you buy from LooMantha.com comes with a soft Cleaning Brush. 
How to use the Cleaning Brush?
If you're trying to get the tiny hair out from the blade, gently swipe the brush outwards as seen in the image below.

Step-2 Apply Lubricant or Oil From Time to Time
Your VGR Trimmer or Clipper needs to be oiled twice a month to keep its blades and moving parts up to the mark and reduce wear and tear. 

How to Lubricate or Oil your VGR Trimmer or Clipper Correctly?

  • Gently squeeze 2-3 droplets of oil or lubricant on the trimmer’s blade as shown in the image below. 

(Note: Please do not be worried about damaging the electricals as the oil is mineral-based)

  • Turn the trimmer ON so that the lubricant can seep into the moving parts for 1-2 minutes. Then, turn it OFF.                        

  • Clean the blades with a soft fiber cleaning cloth to remove the residual oil from the blades as shown in the image below.


    Benefits of Applying Lubricant or Oil on the Trimmer’s Blade:

    • Helps in reducing friction.
    • Increases the long-lasting performance.

    Step-3 For Trimmers With a Detachable Head

    Detach the Trimmer’s head and rinse only the blade thoroughly with cold or warm water as shown in the image below. Then, follow steps 1 and 2 as mentioned above.

    (Note: Never ever completely wash your Trimmer or Clipper with water until and unless it’s IPX6 or IPX7.)


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