5 Easy Steps for Wallpapering.

Hey! Do you wish to renovate your home? Or do you want to give your walls a new style? But are unsure about how to accomplish it? We have created this guide specifically for beginners so that they can deck up the walls with ease.

Wallpapering is the best option for you as Wallpapers are in trend nowadays. It’s a fantastic approach to give your home a stunning appearance. Larbenz's wallpaper, which come in a beautiful variety of patterns, textures, and colours, are available on LooMantha.com. For the appealing appearance of your home, you may opt for a large & bold wallpaper or a delicate & subtle wallpaper.

Another fascinating feature of Larbenz's wallpaper is the possibility of it being installed by anyone easily. It's quick and simple. So, you don't need any professional.

Do you want to apply wallpaper by yourself but don’t know how to do it? Then do follow the instructions as shown below.

Step-by-step Guidelines:

Here are few steps which will help you in wallpapering with ease:

Step-1 Choose your perfect fit:

You need to choose the perfect fit for your walls. First, consider the layout of the room and home furnishings and accordingly select the best match for your walls. Below is a colour combination which will help you in deciding the colour of the wallpaper.

Colour Combination Table 

Step-2 Take Measurements:

Before applying the wallpaper, it’s important for you to measure the height and width of the wall on which you wish to apply wallpaper. Measure the area of any windows, doors, corners or shelves present in your room and reduce that area from the total area of the wall. Also, note that the measurements of the area are in the same unit as those of wallpapers otherwise you'll have to convert that area in the same unit to calculate the number of rolls needed. You can have a look at the table below for rough idea of number of Larbenz's rolls required for some standard wall size.

Table for Wallpaper's Size

Step-3 Cut the Wallpaper:

After measuring the space, you can use a pair of scissors or a razor blade to cut the wallpaper as per the required size. 



Step-4 Prepare the Wall, Peel  and Paste: 

Clean the wall before applying wallpaper with a soft cloth to remove the dust and dirt. It increases the durability of the wallpaper.

Peel off roughly 12 inches of the adhesive backing and paste the wallpaper against the wall and smooth it out while you remove the remaining backing, working your way from top to bottom. Use a plastic smoothing tool to apply downward strokes.

Step-5 Match the Pattern:

This could be simple or a pain depending on the wallpaper you've picked because patterns with a large repeat mean there will be a lot of waste. Matching the pattern is crucial when applying patterned wallpaper. Before applying the second strip, focus on matching the pattern.

Required materials/tools for Wallpapering:

Measuring Tape
Wallpaper Rolls
Scissors or Razor Blade
Cleaning cloth
Smoothing Tool


I hope by following the steps mentioned above will help you in decking up your walls with ease. Pick the best design and colour to compliment your furnishings. You may use the wallpaper creatively to create a unique home interior decor whether you use it throughout the entire room or only in certain areas.
Happy Wallpapering :)



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