5-in-1, The All-New Lady Care Kit

In today’s era, with a fast-moving lifestyle, it becomes difficult for one to take care of themselves, especially the 9 to 5 Working women. With this in mind, VGR have launched feature-loaded products at a budget-friendly price to cater to Indian Women's requirements, designed specifically for today’s hectic lifestyle, so working women can be carefree.

 “Life becomes more meaningful and blissful,
 when one focuses only on oneself.”

We at LooMantha.com, deeply understand the value of self-care. So, we present to you the best female grooming kit  i.e., VGR V-720 for today's women.

VGR V-720 Female Grooming Kit



This one single product is an all-rounder female grooming care solution. Featuring 5 special attachments, which when combined create a complete package for women's grooming care making it the only product you’ll ever need for your delicate skin. VGR V-720’s compact design makes it easier to carry anywhere, thus making it one of the best travel companions.

Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer Head:

The grooming kit for women comes with a Nose Hair Remover attachment head which has been tested for ear hair removal too, meeting all the safety criteria. We're all aware of the changes in our body after puberty hits, and as we age our nose & ears tend to overgrow hair within them. 

This leads to the concern about removing hair from the inner area of the nose and ears. The Nose Trimmer allows you to take care of the grooming of the hair that grows within your nose & ears.


Nose and Ear Hair Care

Facial Cleansing Brush Head: 

On the top of the attachment, there is a gentle brush that firmly removes the dead skin cells from the face. It rejuvenates the skin that would bring out your long-lost glow. You'll get glowing skin in 4-5 mins of daily use over a month.

Get glowing Skin

Smooth Shaver Head:

This attachment is recommended for the smoothest skin possible with a 0.1mm range which makes it definite to give your body the smoothest finish possible via a shaver. The shaver head is designed in a manner so that you can use it even at the most sensitive parts of your body as it is designed to take gentle care of your skin. 

Get smooth skin in every touch.

Facial Blood circulation Massager-Head:

Working women don't have the time to cater to their face and facial blood circulation, therefore VGR presents the all-new rotary massager design attachment that aids in deep muscle blood circulation and relaxation with soft care for your precious facial skin and muscles.

Rest, Refresh & Restore

Eyebrow Trimmer Head:

This eyebrow trimmer has been brought in for the individuals who don't have time to go to a parlour. Anyone may effortlessly shape, trim length and style their brow according to their own personal desire with the help of this eyebrow trimmer. It comes along with the ladies grooming kit.

Shape, trim and slay


Overall, this LADY CARE KIT is a necessity for all women because it contains the top 5 grooming needs in 1 single kit. All of these items are washable and simple to use. This is ideal for folks who enjoy travelling because it is lightweight and portable. This personal grooming kit for ladies can accommodate all of your requirements.



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