Different Types Of Hair Removal Gadgets

Nowadays removing hair from body parts is easy than compared to a few years ago.  With the advancement in technology, hair removal gadgets have been upgraded, and electronic devices such as trimmers, clippers, Electric Shavers, and epilators have replaced the conventional razors and scissors. All the above-mentioned tools are used for grooming purposes but their usage is different. Let me make it clear to you by outlining the distinctions between trimmers, clippers, shavers & epilators.


Trimmers are generally used to cut or trim shorter hair or beard. Trimmers have thin blades which makes it easier to cut hair. Most trimmers are small in size and width that easily fit into one’s pocket. Generally, trimmers can be used on many parts of the body, but it is not recommended to do so.

Types of Trimmers

There are different types of trimmers for your better understanding. I am explaining a few of the most popular trimmers types below:

Hair Trimmer:

Hair Trimmers are used to cut, trim or style your short hair. It helps you in achieving your desired hairstyle. If hair trimmers are used on other parts of the body like the beard or moustache then it can damage your skin but we at LooMantha.com, have specially launched vgr hair trimmers for men designed in a way that serves both purposes. The trimmer’s blade is hypoallergenic and skin-friendly that is designed to take care of your delicate skin.

Beard Trimmer: 

The Beard Trimmer is used to trim and shape beard and moustache hairs. VGR has launched trimmers that are suitable for both the hair as well as beard or moustache.

Bikini Trimmer:

The Bikini trimmer is used by the girls for trimming hair present on their private parts. Nowadays, the use of bikini trimmers has been reduced due to the introduction of hair removal creams.

Nose and Ear Trimmer:

The nose and ear trimmer is a specially designed trimmer with special blades which can cut the hairs grown on the internal parts of the nose and ears.

Eyebrow Trimmer:

The eyebrow trimmer is specifically used to cut, trim and shape brow hairs.


Clippers are intended to cut thick and long hair. They are bigger in size when compared to hair trimmers. After using the hair clipper on the head, the hair trimmers can also be used to give the finishing touch. 

Types of Clippers

Baby Clippers: 

The baby hair clipper is specially designed to be used on the soft skin of the baby. To meet your requirements and needs, we've launched the excellent vgr baby clipper, which is safe for your child as they don't harm the delicate skin of your baby.

Pet Clippers:

The pet hair clipper is designed to take care of your pet grooming. This is the ideal pet hair clipper for every pet owner who wishes to provide the greatest attention as well as a glamorous new look to their pet. Pet Clippers not only offer your pet a dazzling appearance but also improves their entire well-being and health.

Hair Clippers for Men: 

The hair clippers for men are used to trim large amounts of hair. They are mainly used by professionals. The hair clippers have thick blades so that they cause no trouble in cutting dense and thick hairs.

Electric Shavers

Electric Shavers are the devices that give you a clean look. They take 100% hair off the skin. Some electric shavers can cause skin inflammation, therefore you need to choose a trusted brand like VGR which gives you the smoothest clean shave.

Types of Electric Shavers

Electric Shavers are of two types. They can be classified as follows:

Rotary Shavers: 

To lift and chop hair, rotary shavers typically include three moving blades on a pivoting mechanism that work independently of each other.

Foil Shavers:

To use a foil head, foil shavers place a block of razor blades underneath it. When cutting hairs with the foil shavers, the blades vibrate quickly and the holes in the foil help to lift the hairs off the skin so that they may be removed neatly.


 Epilators are specifically designed for women to meet their basic requirements. This hair removal device removes hair directly from the skin rather than cutting it. It is an alternative method of waxing. The epilators are less painful as compared to waxing. The epilator for women gives outstanding results. After using the epilator, hair growth gradually slows down.
I hope that I have cleared your doubts regarding different types of hair removal gadgets. Moreover, it'll be easy for you to purchase the grooming gadget as per your need.

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