Guide For Snipping Baby’s Hair

When you become a parent for the first time, it's an overwhelming experience, because you want to give your child the best. Nothing can be more exciting than experiencing your baby’s first time (crawling, walking, eating, haircut). Also, it can be challenging to cut your baby’s hair safely. 

So, after looking at your requirements and needs, we've brought a guide as to how to use Baby hair clipper so that you don't injure or harm your baby. 

Steps to using a Baby Hair Clipper?

Below are the steps which will guide you to use the baby hair clipper efficiently if you are using it for the very first time.

Step 1: Gather your supplies

Gather all the tools or supplies needed for your child's first haircut before you begin snipping your baby's hair.

Below are the supplies which you’ll need:

1. A comb 
2. A towel
3. A Cape or Covering Cloth
4. Baby Hair Clipper
5. A small bag or envelope, if you wish to keep your child’s lock of hair.

    Step 2: Choose the Appropriate time

    The best time to cut a baby's hair is when he or she is having a sleep because only then are they still; otherwise, it would be challenging to do it when the child is awake. You can also distract the baby by offering the newborn toys to play with.


    Before using Hair Clipper, keep in mind:

    • Always ensure that the head of hair is completely dry before using a baby Hair cutting machine, as clippers are not designed to cut wet hair.
    • Clippers should never be used on excessive amounts of hair since this can harm both the clipper as well as the hair of the newborn.

          Step 3: Follow the Steps

          • Insert the adjustable guide comb on the top of the clipper so that you can achieve the desired length of the trim.
          • Cover the kid’s body with a cape or covering cloth.
          • Now, gently comb the baby’s tiny soft hair.
          • To make sure you've cut the baby's hair evenly, go over the baby's head several times in each direction.
          • The final step is to finish the area near the ears, and you're done with your baby's final appearance.
          • After using the baby hair clipper, clean the clipper’s blade with a cleaning brush that comes along with the package.

            Step 4: Prepare Yourself For the Baby’s Reaction

            Some babies are frequently mesmerized while getting their first haircut since the sound of hair clipping may seem exciting to them, while other babies are simply afraid or start to cry. Let go of any assumption that they will remain still, as you would in a salon, and be ready for any response.


            So now you are all set to trim your toddler’s hair effortlessly. After the haircut, you may maintain the health of your baby's hair and scalp by brushing and washing it once or twice a week with a mild shampoo. At the end of the process, a baby's first haircut can eventually be delightful and memorable. 





















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