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In this blog, we will look at various beard styles as a beard has a direct impact on a person's personality, thus one should choose a beard style that matches their face shape to establish a compelling personality.

Today, we will explore which beard style is best suited to a particular face shape.

Type of face shape and their characteristics:

  • Oval: In an oval-shaped face, the length is more than the width of the face. The jawline and chin are rounded. Also, the forehead is larger than the jaw.

Oval shape face

  • Rectangular:  In this type of face, the length of the face is double the width of the face. The side face looks vertically straight with an angular jawline. 

rectangle face shape

  • Triangular: In this type of face, the face is longer than the width with a narrow forehead and flatter or not prominent cheekbones. The jawline is strong and broad with a square chin.

triangle face shape

  • Round: The length and width are roughly the same with a round chin and jawline. 

round face shape

  • Heart: Small wider than the length of the face with the wider forehead. The jawline is slender and the chin is round.

heart shape face

  • Square: The length and width of the face are equal. The jawline and forehead are roughly equal. The jawline is strong and broad. The chin and jawline are round.

square shape face

  • Diamond: The face is longer than the width, with a narrow forehead and small chin. In diamond faces, the cheekbones are high and the widest part of the face. 

diamond shape face


How to measure face:

The prominent parts of the face are the forehead, cheekbone, jawline, and face length. To know your face type, you should measure these face parts correctly. 

  • Forehead: If you want to know about your forehead length then measure it from the peak of one eyebrow to the opposite arch of the eyebrow.


  • Cheekbone: To measure the cheekbone, place your tape at the outer corner of the eye and measure along the bridge of the nose in the straight line


  • Jawline: To measure the jawline, place the tape at the end of the ear and measure along the tip of the chin. 


  • Face length: To measure the face length, place the tape in the middle of the hairline to the tip of the chin.


Best beard according to the face shape:

  • Oval face shape: If you have an oval facial shape, you've struck gold since you can wear any beard style you like. The best beard styles for an oval faced shape are Stubble, beard stache, short boxed beards, the classic full beard, Verdi, Garibaldi, Ducktail beard.

Garibaldi beard style

  • Rectangular face shape: To draw attention to your facial structure, we recommend beard designs that are short on top and lengthy on the bottom for the rectangular face shape. The best beard styles for a rectangular face shape are rocking a goatee & moustache beard.

goatee beard style

  • Triangle face shape: For the triangular faced shape, you should draw attention away from the chin placing the hairs on higher part of your face.  The garibaldi, Verdi, Hollywoodian, short-boxed beard, & heavy stubble are the best beard styles for a triangular faced shape.

heavy stubble beard style

  • Round face shape: There may not be many angles or curves because the face is in round shape. For the round faced shape, we recommend you to pick the beard style that produces curves out of nothing. Boxed beard, thick-chin strap, mutton chops, goatee, bandholz beard, garibaldi beard, van dyke, circle beard are the best beard styles for a round face.

van dyke beard style

  • Square face shape: The beard you choose should bring emphasis to your jawline and cheekbones if you have a square face shape. Also, we recommend that you keep your beard short and concentrate on your chin. Goatee, the petite goatee, royal beard & the circle beard are the best-suited beard styles on square face shape.

circle beard style

  • Heart face shape: To balance out a heart face shape, the major attention should be on enhancing the features. For those with a heart-shaped face, full beards and Verdi are the finest beard styles.

verdi beard style

  • Diamond face shape: In the diamond face shape, your facial length is the longest and your chin is going to come to a point. The greatest beard style for a diamond faced shape is classic full beard as it'll give your chin a rounded look. Other beard styles are Garibaldi, Verdi, short-boxed beard.

classic full beard style

With a beard that suits your facial structure, you may reflect yourself. You're almost up to speed on the many beard styles that go with different face shapes.. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your tape, measure your face, determine your facial shape, and choose your beard style according to your preference.

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