Must have features of a Men’s trimmer: A quick guide

Grooming is an important part of our life because grooming helps to maintain personal hygiene which is essential for everyone, gives a fresh, classy, and attractive look.

People tend to become more conscious about their looks and personality with age and self-awareness. A man’s beard, moustache, and hairstyle impact their personality the most.

In the market, you have many options to choose from the wide range of trimmers, but choosing the right trimmer is a daunting task for anyone. LooMantha is going to help you by revealing the features to look for in a trimmer and how one should choose the right trimmer.

How to choose the right trimmer?

Before choosing any trimmer, you should be clear with the two questions:

  • What is your purpose for buying the trimmer?
Trimmers are most commonly used to cut facial hair, but they can also be used for hair cuts, edging, outlining, and ear and nose trimming. Trimmers are made for a variety of purposes.
  • Which type of beard do you want?

Everyone has their own distinct personality. Each person's beard and haircut are unique. As a result, you should select the trimmer based on the style you want to acquire.

We believe you now have a better understanding of the above question.

Various parts and features of the trimmers are as follows:


There are different types of blades. They are as follows: Round blade, T-shape blade, Precision blade (U-shape), design blade.

Best Pocket trimmer

  • T-shape blade: T-blades have curved edges which are easy to handle and are best for trimming beard and moustache in style, around the ears, back of the neck. The best trimmer for this purpose is VGR V-932.
  • Precision blade: Precision blades, often known as U-shape blades, are used to trim huge surfaces. It's used after cutting to give your style a final touch around the ear, outline, or beard edge. VGR V-055 is the ideal trimmer for this purpose.
  • Round blade: This type of blade is mainly used for trimming nose and ear's hair. It's part of the grooming equipment. The grooming set comes with a variety of blades.
  • Design Blade: These blades are mostly found in grooming kits and are used to provide a zig-zag haircut.

We at LooMantha, has brought you an amazing grooming kit i.e., VGR V-102.

Battery capacity

The battery capacity is an essential feature to look for in any trimmer. Usually trimmer's battery comes in the range of  400mAh to 600mAh.

With battery capacity, battery material is crucial as well.

There are two types of battery material: Lithium battery and Lithium-ion battery.

Benefits of Lithium-ion battery over Lithium battery are as follows:

  • Lithium-ion batteries are safer than lithium batteries.
  • Lithium-ion batteries can handle overcharge without bloating.
  • Lithium-ion batteries have a higher cycle charge than lithium batteries.

The best batteries are 500mAh to 600mAh lithium-ion batteries because this range of batteries charge in less time and are best in use.

Best trimmer

The best trimmers with a 500 mAh lithium-ion battery are: VGR V-927, VGR V-935, VGR V-052, VGR V-055.

The best trimmers with 600mAh lithium-ion battery are: VGR V-932, VGR V-903, VGR V-929, VGR V-928, VGR V-071.

Trimming range

Different trimmers have different trimming ranges. In this, you have to answer the first question i.e., purpose of buying the trimmer.

Best grooming Kit

If you want a clean shave, buy a trimmer that cuts below the range of 0.5 mm are called shavers. The best trimmer shavers are VGR V-102, VGR V-228.

Trimmer with a 0.5 to 0.8 mm trimming range gives you the best results in trims where you wish to have a stubble look. The best trimmers in the range of 0.5mm to 0.8mm are VGR V-932, VGR V-031.

The trimmer with a trimming range above 0.8 mm are know as hair clippers that are best for haircuts. The best hair clippers are VGR V-088, VGR V-080, VGR V-299, VGR V-126.

The best trimmer which includes all the items such as shaver, trimmer, and clipper comes in the kit, i.e., is VGR V-228.

Corded and cordless

Corded trimmers have no charging issues as they draw power directly from the socket, plugin, and on the switch and use, no need to wait for charging the trimmer. Mainly the hair clippers are corded and the best-corded hair clippers are VGR V-126, VGR V-131.

Cordless trimmers are easy to carry anywhere without any requirement of power as they have inbuilt batteries. Charge your trimmer and take it anywhere. The best cordless hair trimmer is VGR V-932, VGR V-228.

But if you have a trimmer that is both corded and cordless, it means benefits only, and the best trimmers are VGR V-299, VGR V-140.


One of the most important aspect to look for is the price as everyone has a different requirement and has a different budget. There are different trimmers at different prices. For the best trimmer of every range, have a look at LooMantha’s website. The best budget-friendly trimmer is the pocket trimmer which gives you the best look and also at a budget-friendly price and model number VGR V-932.


Now that you have better clarity on the features that one needs to look for before buying a trimmer, we would take a step further and suggest you the trimmer that fits best in all the above-mentioned features. This small and elegant trimmer is powerful, best for carrying while on the go, and has all the best features i.e. its blades are precision t-blades, battery capacity is 600mAh which is made up of lithium-ion, has right trimming length, is cordless, and most important which fits in your pocket and as well as your budget. LooMantha wants its customers to have the best and that is why we have introduced the VGR V-932 pocket trimmer.

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