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The basic essentials of existence are food, clothing, and shelter. But in today's society, that is insufficient. People don't just need food, but delicious food; they don't just need clothing, but fashionable clothing; they don't just need shelter, but a wonderful place to live in.

People eat according to their preferences, dress according to the newest fashion trends, and thus desire to create their own home decorating ideas.

Well, do you know what the most noticeable feature of your home is? Of course, that is the wall that forms the foundation of a home, and visitors are usually fascinated by the overall theme of your space. Your personality, taste, health, and mood are all expressed through your wall. If you like social media, you probably like trends as well, so why limit yourself to social media? Keep up with the latest home fashions too.

You can use wallpaper to give your home an elegant look if you don't want to spend a lot of money on painting the walls or if you are on a tight budget. The wallpaper's biggest strength is its adaptability. It's simple to adjust to the room's atmosphere.

Advantages of using wallpapers:

  • Wallpapers are long-lasting

Not all wallpapers are made to last. Wallpaper is created from a variety of materials. Vinyl wallpaper is more likely to last for a longer time on your walls.

Vinyl wallpapers are simple to clean because they are waterproof.

These wallpapers contain fewer toxic chemicals, resulting in better air quality.

LooMantha recommendation:


SKU: NW-11


  • Wallpapers define you and your room

The first impression of your home is determined by the appearance of your walls. Wallpaper selection defines your personal taste, therefore select wallpapers that complement the room's atmosphere or setting.

Various rooms are designed for different reasons, hence the purpose of each space is defined by the walls.

    • Wallpaper for bedroom: The bedroom is not just a place to sleep, but also a tiny world inside where you may express yourself and your interests. It is the space where we spend the most of our time, thus it should be well-designed and furnished. Choose a wallpaper that reflects your personality and makes you happy. Also, pick a wallpaper that complements the furnishings in the room and matches your interior style.

    • Wallpaper for living room: The majority of the time, our mood is influenced by the environment we live in. As a result, ensure that the living room is well-designed and furnished. The living room is where family and friends spend the most time together in the house. That's why selecting the right living room wallpaper is crucial.

    The wallpaper should be bright, subtle, and inviting to the guests. 

    Wallpaper with floral and leaf designs is a nice choice for the living room. Nature can almost certainly improve anyone's mindset. They have a soothing effect and assist in reducing stress and anger.


      • Wallpaper for the kitchen:  The kitchen is the area where we do the most of our cooking. While cooking, the walls of the kitchen may become dirty or stained with food stains. Kitchen hygiene is essential, so choose wallpaper that is waterproof, heat-resistant, and easy to clean, such as vinyl wallpapers. Use cool shades that absorb more heat and are less likely to become filthy.

         Below are some kitchen wallpapers recommended by us: 


        • Wallpaper for drawing room: The drawing room is where you greet and entertain your visitors, colleagues, friends and relatives. The first impression of your home can be seen on the walls of the drawing room. The walls of the drawing room should be stylish, and they should add a fashionable touch to your walls.


          Here are some of the best drawing room wallpaper recommendations for you:

        • Wallpaper for office area: The wallpaper's color in the workplace should be modest and must provide relaxation while working. Making the elegant wallpaper would require a wallpaper that is the best match for the workplace environment.
        LooMantha's top-pick wallpapers for the office area are as follows:

          • Effect of wallpaper on health

          To begin with, the wallpaper's design may have a significant impact on your health. So pick a color and design for your wallpaper that brings you joy and happiness.

          Paper wallpapers are created with harmful substances that might harm your health. Vinyl wallpapers, on the other hand, have a plastic covering and do not create pollutants, making them considerably safer than paper wallpapers.

          • Easy to paste and stick wallpaper in budget:

          Wallpapers may quickly transform or update the appearance of your home. As a result, we've put together an incredible choice of wallpapers that are both stylish and inexpensive. Wallpaper is easy to install as all you have to do is peel, adhere, and paste it to your wall.

          All of LooMantha's wallpapers are reasonably priced and will fit comfortably into your budget.

          Conclusion: You can't change the design of your home, but you can definitely change the aesthetic of your home with ease and at a low cost with LooMantha. LooMantha is a D2U (direct-to-you) eCommerce business that offers high-quality products on time at a reasonable price. So use wallpapers to decorate the walls of your home. It's an excellent approach to modify your home into your dream home.

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