What to Look for in Trimmer or Clipper?

Hairstyling has become a vital part of one’s personality in today's world. Many hairstyles are popular and fashionable among teenagers as well as adults as per their preference.

Although the number of hairstyles has increased, the number of visits to the Local Salon has dropped drastically because of Tech Advancements in the Personal Grooming Industry like Hair Clippers, Hair Trimmers, and Hair Shavers.

These Grooming Gadgets make it so simpler and easier to cut, trim, and style one’s hair in the comfort of one’s own home. 

Things to Consider 
When Buying a Trimmer or Clipper

When it comes to buying trimmers or clippers for men’s grooming, most people are confused because they both cut and trim hair. They are almost identical. Although both devices serve the same objective, their usage is different. 

How do Hair Clippers work?

Generally, the hair clippers are most effective on long, thick hairs. Clippers are used to cut enormous quantities of hair. They don’t provide cuts on shorter hair.

Thus, it’s not capable of cutting hair that is very close to the skin. Hair clippers come with different attachments known as guards. These accessories will make your job easier giving you the option to cut hair at various lengths. 

When buying clippers, you must use oil for lubrication as clippers need lubrication regularly, which we have thought of and provided to you within the box.

Hair trimmer

Usually, Hair Clippers are found in Professional or your Local Salons.

How do Hair Trimmers Work?

Shorter hairs are trimmed with hair trimmers. These are designed specifically for cuts that are closer to the skin. You can style up your hair close to the scalp, as trimmers provide more agility it becomes easier to reach in difficult spots. You may achieve a clean and precise look with the use of a trimmer.

Hair trimmer
Hair Trimmer are use for personal grooming
Hair trimmers usually come with short and narrow blades. Trimmers can be
used on both long and short hair with the help of guide combs.

If you wish to have a stubble beard, the first thing you should do is to get a trimmer. With the help of a trimmer, you will be able to trim as close as you can to your skin.



Most trimmers don’t come with attachments, but all of our VGR Trimmers do come with attachments. Trimmers are mostly fit for personal grooming purposes. Whereas Hair clippers are fit for professional salons for their heavy duty reliability.