About Loomantha the eCommerce store

We are Loomantha the eCommerce store, a family of employees to customers and everything in between.

Any products that you take home is a piece of Loomantha's extended family. We treat our products, with the same care as it they were of our own to every customer that we consider as our own family. So, from the bottom of our hearts we welcome you our pride, our customers to Loomantha family. 

Loomantha.com started as a vision back in 2017 to cater to the needs of our ever expanding family.

Our CEOs are Mr. Kumar Gaurav, Mr. Jatin Wadhwa, Mr. Sumit Wadhwa, and Mr. Saurabh Mani, who are the founding fathers of this great brand that seek only to cater only the best of the best for our great nation India.

Loomantha, Initially started as a seller to Multi National ecommerce platform, we still take pride is more in category to needs of our Indian customers than the foreign.

So, remember every piece of product that you take home is a piece of Loomantha family, catered with the same care as if it were for our family.

Loomantha, just as Ford says "A family wali feeling" as Loomantha is born on Indian soil & quite proud of it.